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An organisation with a big heart

Everywhere around the world, children grow up with heart problems that put their lives at risk. These children are referred to Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque by local doctors, other organisations working in the country or individuals who have learned about the organisation’s work through the media.

When it identifies a child in need, Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque asks the local medical team and the family to fill out a full report on the child, including information about their disease, overall health and living conditions.
Based on this report, the organisation decides if the child can come to France for an operation.

Nearly one in every 100 children
worldwide is born with a heart defect

Other children will develop heart disease following infections. Whether infectious or congenital, these diseases are highly incapacitating and often fatal. Heart surgery is frequently the only means of saving children affected with heart disease. But these operations require advanced and extremely costly medical techniques.

In many countries, it is impossible to carry out these operations due to a lack of medical equipment, expertise or financial resources. Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque fights every day to benefit these children, who cannot receive life-saving operations in their home countries, by enabling them to come to France to get the operation they need.

The organisation was created by Professor Francine Leca and Patrice Roynette in 1996. Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque is a renowned humanitarian organisation, registered as a public service organisation and a charity helping people in need.

Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque in figures

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Support Mécénat Chirurgie
Cardiaque with VINCI Energies

VINCI Energies carries out various initiatives to support Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. If you care about the organisation’s cause and want to get involved, you can make a donation, create your own fundraising page or participate in one of the challenges we organise.