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Virtual Regatta: nine tips to successfully
complete the Transat Jacques Vabre

The Transat Jacques Vabre race will soon be upon us. Are you interested in raising money for the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque charity or taking part in the Virtual Regatta online game? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a sailor to take on — and maybe even beat — the best skippers from around the world. Here are some tips to help you get ready for this extraordinary charitable sporting adventure.

#1 Fundraising is a team sport

You must raise at least €100 to start the Transat Jacques Vabre on Virtual Regatta – but nothing’s stopping you from going even further. If you take part in a team, you can find strength in numbers and divide the target between you. This means you can each spread the word in your different networks and potentially collect more donations.

#2 Use (almost) any means necessary to raise funds

Ask friends, friends of friends, colleagues, clients, contacts and anyone else you can think of. Then try to reach an even bigger audience on social media, using the #SailingHearts hashtag. You could even organise an event as an opportunity to get more donations.

#3 Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

The earlier you start fundraising, the greater your chances of getting donations in time. You could even make a small donation yourself to get things going.

#4 Personalise your communication

Create a connection with your sponsors and pique people’s curiosity by explaining what got you interested in the virtual transatlantic race, what you’re trying to achieve and post a few photos of the event or your team.

#5 Keep up the dialogue during the race

Share your progress on social media or on your personal fundraising page to maintain that connection with the people who have sponsored you.

#6 Once the race begins, things get real

Although the race may be virtual, the sailing conditions are extremely realistic. With changeable weather and potentially strong winds, get ready to face the elements, just like professional skippers.

#7 Organisation and sailing as a team

Regular communication with your team is essential. Set up a schedule or a collaborative group online to make sure you stay connected as much as possible. When you are not sailing, you can watch the race live to see how your team mates are getting on.

#8 Make a note of your absences

Bear your absences in mind when drawing up your strategy to make sure that you are logged in for tricky moments, like course or sail changes, or navigating through an archipelago.

#9 Stick to the plan

Try not to change strategy too often, or you may miss out on good opportunities such as unexpected weather events, temporary ranking changes, or a sudden rudder thrust to help you catch up.

Transat Jacques Vabre :
ready to rise to the challenge ?

Sign up online and start collecting so that you’ll be ready when the race starts this autumn.

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